Lost Dutchman Gold


Though many gold hunters may find this information useful to search for the lost dutchman gold mine, this page is ultimately intended for a small group I have personally invited to hike with me. I wish you all the best in your quest to find the lost mine and hope I can be of assistance. The goal of this hike is to find and cultivate the true gold of life - strong, close relationships with people you can count on... just kidding. That's sissy talk! The real goal is about FINDING GOLD IN THEM THERE HILLS!! So read the clues, pack your gear, and get your pansy-ass in those mountains with me. Below are the clues I've gathered from arduous research sifting through endless information on wikipedia for about 30 minutes. If you are wondering about the picture above, I took the shot on the way back up to the saddle after almost dying. Somewhat close to dying... okay we just got lost for a bit and I was low on water. But still, I was scared. I had plenty of Mexican food after to calm me down.


The Trail

We won't be taking the trail I took in 2013 because it's longer and steeper. Though it likely has the best views. Our hike is about 2.5 hours in with about an hour of hiking around and then 2.5 hours out. The trail's elevation changes aren't too tough. You can see the details in the map. We might want to stay longer to get some good photos and video.

  Map Of The Hike In

Sources Of Water

I have saved these coordinates in my watch. They aren't always active but at least we have some options to check out.

  • White Rock Spring: 33.46903095,-111.2788455
  • Charlebois Spring: 33.46057684,-111.34318311
  • La Barge Spring: 33.44560587,-111.33401731
  • Cholla tank: 33.50556205,-111.4176017
  • La Barge Creek: 33.527032, -111.421222


Most webpages that have written articles on the mine seem to be roaming all over the Superstitions looking for a spot that fits mostly this clue: Waltz can see the Old Military Trail from his mine but nobody can see the mine from the Military Trail.

  North Of The Needle

The Peralta family, Apaches, soldiers, gold miners and some dutchman that wasn't really a dutchman all point to the mine being north of Weavers Needle less than 5 miles in diameter.

  The Mine

The mine is described as being in rough country and is in a large round pit shaped like a funnel with the large end up. The mine was covered with native logs, caliche, dirt and stones to make it natural. Tools and big logs were left behind in haste.

  Exposed Vein

High on the side of a mountain, just under towering cliffs, in plain view of Weaver's needle is a bright yellow ribbon of gold within a vein of rose quartz though it's a steep climb to get there. It was never covered up and there is a marker pointing to it's location. An eight-foot tall boulder chiseled to look like a rampant horse's head, mouth wide open and one ear straight up. It is on the skyline of a ridge forming an abrupt bend in the north-south trending Needle Canyon. It can be viewed north of the location while facing south.

  Clues From The Miner Waltz

  • You must climb above the mine to see Weaver's Needle
  • You need to crawl through a hole to reach the mine
  • Above the mine is a peak
  • There was a stone house a little ways back from the western end
  • The mine is near a hideout cave

Ladies, it's much more impressive than it looks


We need some essentials to get us through this journey barely alive begging for help and wishing we hadn't done such a stupid thing. So, we need mostly a ton of water and of course our phones so we can take selfies and post them to facebook. Oh and food for lunch because we will be out there all day! I realize you're smart enough to pack wisely but I just needed to make my page more interesting. Your backpack should provide some relief from your shoulders on this hike which means a lower strap above your hips or old man beer belly is a must. I will be wearing a wide brim hat with a long sleeve shirt which has vents for airflow. I will also bring some warmer layers with a beanie cap in case we get stuck out there at night. I might also bring a gun in case someone gets greedy. I added other useless consumerism crap I was told I need and because I like to waste time and money on gadgets.


Each hiker needs at least 4 liters of water for the hike. We need to drink a ton before we start the hike in and have a ton ready in the car for when we return.

Medical & Protection

I can bring my old medical kit, some moleskin and some sunblock spray. Though it would be nice to have someone else bring this stuff too.

GPS Watch

I will be wearing the traverse alpha by suunto to get us to our desired location and will use the trackback feature to take us back out with ease. We can add points of interest for other possible mine locations or just a nice spot for photography. I will also have a battery backup for my phone and the watch.


Though I have this, I don't currently have the yearly subscription to use it. The spot sends a signal every few minutes to track your location and posts your location on your adventure map so anybody that cares about you will watch the map and will come to help if you request it. Or you can summon emergency help if someone is about dead. I won't pay for the service because I need someone that cares. Back in 2013 my girlfriend - now wife - didn't consider looking at the map even when my hiking partner and I were MUCH later than expected. I won't be taking this on our trip.


We might find ourselves needing to hack through some thick brush to get to the mine. I have a machete but it's a few hour drive to get it. If anybody in the team has one, please bring it.


To find the vein of quartz we will need binoculars - probably - which I have.

Rain Pancho

It's going to rain in the afternoon so get your pancho ready!


Well, I might bring the drone to get some good shots of Weaver's Needle and if we have enough battery power we can look for the vein of quartz too.

Water Filter

We might need to fill up on water so I will bring my filter pump and some purification tablets too. Everybody should bring their own tablets.


It's possible but unlikely that we will be walking at night or in a cave. Bring extra batteries. I didn't think I would need this the last time I hiked to the needle. But, I brought it anyway and was happy I did. The hike down the mountain to Peralta Trailhead was a dark stretch.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

It's overkill but just in case it might be nice to have one of these if we end up out there all night crying for our wives.

Toilet Paper

I poop too much.

You don't just want it... you need it!

Why Make This Page?

I'm nuts.

My excuse is to show you a prototype of our post trip article and video. Our story, photos, short videos and the tidbits of the Lost Dutchman history will be added to a blog with advertising and products to sell. If we can make a short movie by incorporating 'Project X' then we might make a mildly entertaining page that could fund lunch or whatever for future projects. We can find other stories of lost treasure or mysteries that will give us an excuse to go for hikes and explore.