About Me

Currently, I'm focused on e-commerce business which, for me, is not just a job but one of my favorite pastimes. Throughout the years, I have worked as customer service, bookkeeper, developer, systems administrator and manager. I had the title of Chief Operating Officer as I managed every aspect of a company with a little supervision here and there. Managing didn’t leave me much time for growing my abilities in systems administration or development though. However, I absorbed what I could from the IT staff.

Upon leaving my COO position, I immediately spent my time catching up with development, frameworks, and Linux administration. With guidance from a friend, I was able administer Ubuntu servers, migrate some old websites to my servers, and develop a website using Django (a python framework). Currently, I can safely say I know management, bookkeeping, advertising, Linux, MySQL, PHP, Python, Django, CSS, and JavaScript / jQuery at an intermediate level. Though, with marketing I consider myself to be a novice.


As a Chief Operating Officer, I have managed all aspects including customer service, building maintenance, systems administration, web development and some marketing.


I have extensively updated multiple php/mysql projects with enhanced features and have converted a project to be mobile friendly using Foundation 5. Also, I developed a complex member matching social website using Django and custom mobile friendly CSS.

  Systems Administration

I am capable of administering and securing LAMP servers. I prefer the Ubuntu OS. I work mostly with Apache though I have setup Nginx. I briefly setup and ran multi-master mysql replication for fun.


I have structured simple freemium funnels and value ladders to better inform customers and encourage sales. Split tested campaigns to find the wording with the best conversions. Advertised and maintained complex keywords within google and bing. I have recently started using google plus and facebook social pages.

I enjoy hiking, mountain biking and exploring new places


When I transitioned as COO to become a lone entrepreneur I acquired some older websites that hadn’t exactly take off… yet. I acquired RealRentals.com, MusicianAudition.com and Kwink.com. They were all developed and designed by different people with different styles of php programming. My goal with these sites is to revitalize them, making them mobile friendly and of course profitable. I did my best to tweak them to keep them alive until I am able to have them properly redeveloped.


A website designed to find loving owners for adorable kittens. It was conceived by my oldest brother and me. We outsourced the development though my brother, Brett, created the logo and other graphics. Brett passed away in 2014 before we could complete the site. GoKitty is dedicated to him.


A long-term and short-term residential rental site created by the previous company I worked for. I have personally added features and created a mobile friendly version using Foundation 5. I have taken the site from having around 20k rental listings to over 1.2 million (as of January 2017). I'm working hard to make the site well known in vacation rentals, homes for rent, apartments and room rentals.


An alternative dating site that was outsourced in 2006 and needs to be completely rewritten with functionality changes as well. Though, I do feel the website has great potential.

The site was taken down


A site for musicians and bands to come together to create great music and of course get gigs. An independent contractor developed the site in 2011. In the past, I was a musician playing in a band with friends. Maybe I am holding onto the past but I still want to be the online band manager for musicians.

The site was taken down